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Top 13.3 Laptops Of Apple - What To Know About Top 13.3 Laptops of Apple

The line of MacBook laptops of Apple has in recent time experienced an extraordinary overhaul, advancing to aluminum construction, oversize multi-touch track pads, and end-to-end glass over LED displays. These latest updates offer more tweaking and refining including a couple of sought-after features. These make the new specs of Apple MacBook laptops –MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, the top 13.3 laptops of Apple. For instance, when the latest MacBook Air 13.3” was being released in time for the OS X Lion, Apple as well avails itself of the same opportunity to phase out the white Mac Book from the line. This thus leaves customers with an option of the MacBook Pro 13.3” or a Mac Air 13.3”.

The latest MacBook Air 13.3” and MacBook Pro 13.3” come with quite a couple of significant features, so if you are after a notebook by Apple and considering getting a MacBook, read on for an important guide for helping you decide which one of these top 13.3 laptops of Apple will best suit your needs and preferences.

Mac Air Vs Mac Pro; Processor

Practically, all of the latest laptops from Apple contain Intel processors –Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 CPUs. MacBook Pro 13.3” contains a dual-core processor CPU and lots stronger, operating at about 2.3GHz or 2.7GHz. They are both hyper-threaded, having four virtual cores. The 13.3” MacBook Air however comes with all dual-core, irrespective of the model -1.8GHz, 1.7GHz, or 1.6GHz; and they are also hyper-threaded providing the user with 4 virtual cores. Each and every CPU on these top 13.3 laptops of Apple –13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro has Turbo Boost, hence can clock past its given speed in some certain situations.

Mac Air versus MacBook Pro; Weight and Size

The MacBook Air is billed as the thinnest laptop ever made by Apple but still provides virtually a full size keyboard. It weighs about 2.96lbs and measures 12.8 inches at its thickness point when the lid is closed. It is a bit wider and deeper than the 11-inch spec. The MacBook Pro is a bit heavier weighing twice the weight of 11-inch Mac Air with about 4.5lbs and 12.78 inches thick when closed. This makes the MacBook Air 13.3” a far easier device to move about with than the MacBook Pro 13.3”, but this has to come at the expense of graphics power, storage space and processor.

I am sure you have found all the useful information about top 13.3 laptops of apple.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Top 13.3 Laptops

Top 13.3 laptops are best computer products I have ever used.The Reviews of macbook pro here are for the  Apple MacBook Pro MD313LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop (NEWEST VERSION)                                                         

 These top 13.3 laptops are faster processors and they have much bigger hard drives. They have low prices and they really work very well. Everyone will fall in love with these macbook pro laptops as soon as they start using them. In this review on lap top I highly recommend people to buy the top 13.3 laptops in place of their old Windows laptops. These macbook by apple are a good asset for college students as they can carry them all day without being bored or hindered by them. The Apple Macbook Pro newest versions provide you with more hard disk space and their batteries last for a very long time. 

 You can run the top 13.3 laptops programs on separate virtual desktops, and the computers will not miss a beat even though several programs are currently active. Changing between different desktops or open programs is just done by just only sliding three fingers forward on the touchpad. Users can also make the mac book pro computer speak some words and phrases in they are not sure about how to pronounce the words.

 These top 13.3 laptops have safari which has links to a library of plug-ins at and the plug-ins include a plug-in for Flash, so that user can watch free online videos. These 13.3 notebooks are an excellent appliance to possess and that is why I am recommending everyone who wants to buy a new laptop to make the right choice.

The macbook by apple is easy to use and is the other reason I fell deeply in love with them. They also do not make noise I was not even sure that they have cooling fans until one day I downloaded a utility to monitor fan speed. The mac book pro laptops are very fast, and their base plate will never ever get more than lukewarm. Their lighted keyboard, and the light weight, and small footprint, as well as crisp screen and speed definately make these new macbook version laptops shine.

  And after reading my review of macbook pro you should by now be in a position to buy one of the top 13.3 laptops which is the

Apple MacBook Pro MD313LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop (NEWEST VERSION)